The Interlude of Youth and Manhood.

i am an eighteen year old. a senior in high school. i LOVE modest mouse. i have a thing for '90s indie music, as well as folk/anti-folk. i really like art and all that junk. the rest you need to know should pretty much be covered by my blog.

p.s. if you want to skype, my username is "divine.radish".

my latest masterpiece


my latest masterpiece

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I love passionate people

that light that enters their eyes when they start talking about something they love

the little arm gestures they make

the massive smile that slips onto their face when they realise someone’s listening

I just love passionate, enthusiastic people and I wish more people would be like that

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Dog eating in slow motion.

this is really important

You cannot scroll past this

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a new friend is literally all i want